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Comma Rules

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Comma Summary Outline


A. Misc.

1. Series

2. coordinate adj. separation

( and test) ( reverse order test )

3. independent clauses

( and , but, or, nor, for, so ,yet)

 B. Introductory Elements

1. one word

( interjections, transitional expressions, adjectives, adverbs)

2. phrases ( prepositional, participial, infinitive )

3. beginning adverb clauses

4. direct address

 C. Interrupters

1. non-restrictive

(non-essential) adjective clauses

2. non-restrictive phrases such as appositives

3. parenthetical elements

4. interjections

5. elements of contrast ( like not )

6. tag sentences

7. direct address

D. Conventional items

1. dates

2. addresses

3. titles or names ( M.D. or Sr. )


Other punctuation






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