Lesson Plans


10th graders--

Reminder that weekly Study Island assignments are due beginning October 1st.

Keep in mind that lesson plans COULD change from day to day depending on unforeseen problems, delays, etc. Daily updates will be done. 


Friday Nov. 30th

Grade 10

Phrase Test

Science Fair note cards due

Grade 9

"Be Daedalus" myth and poem assignment

Monday Dec. 3rd

Grade 10

Study Island due by 7 am

Begin the play RAISIN IN THE SUN

Power Point Lecture

Vocabulary worksheet

Assign parts

Grade 9

"Osage Orange Tree" assignment-2 days

Tuesday Dec. 4th

Grade 10

Read play with assigned parts all week

Grade 9

Work on rough draft of "Osage Orange Tree" essay

Wednesday Dec. 5th

Grade   10

conintue play

Grade 9

"Osage" assignment due

Return "Be Dadalus"-revisions due Friday

assign parts for play "Trifles"

Thursday Dec. 6th

Grade 10

conintue play

Grade 9

finish "Trifles" and worksheet

Friday Dec. 7th

Grade 10

no class 6th period--allow 1st and 3rd to work on Sci. Fair or Study Island

Grade 9

"Be Dadalus" revisions due

"Wreck of the Hesperous"

Monday Dec. 10th

Grade 10

Study Island due by 7 am.

Tuesday Dec. 11th

Wednesday Dec. 12th

Thursday Dec. 13th

Friday Dec. 14th